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WEIGHT-LOSS-SUPPORT-DUBLINDublin, Ireland As the worldwide epidemic of obesity reaches epic proportions, the push for a healthy lifestyle becomes ever more important. While some may have the intrinsic self-motivation, most do not.

It is a fact. Over 90 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions fail to keep them. The issue, according to Cindy Segura of Be Fit Club, is a lack of support.

So many people have great dreams, but without someone to help encourage their journey and support their goals, they will fail. The worst part is the weight returns and often with additional weight, said Segura.

Be Fit Club uses a combination of support, education and technology to help parties reach their personal weight loss goals. Whether it is just a few pounds or a significant amount, there is someone to help along the way.

A part of the experience is the computerized body composition analysis. This is a comprehensive assessment of the individual to determine the best path to health and wellness. The information is confidential and done in private. A personalized consultation and programme is then created.

Along the way, a wellness coach works with each participant, checking goals and making sure the participant stays on the right path. Weekly meetings are also included for all. Each meeting is a chance to review the previous week and set goals for the coming week. It is also a chance to get encouragement from other participants.

Here is what a few others have to say about Segura and her programme.

Cindy is very passionate and a highly-skilled wellness instructor; which I can warmly recommend. I have been going to her classes and wellness teaching for more than a year and a half now and I absolutely love it. Cindy is very supportive, helpful and down-to-earth in every sense, which creates the perfect relaxed atmosphere. – Soren Stuhr Mandrup, participant.

Very much appreciate the holistic approach of these classes; mixing mediation and nutrition. I strongly believe that to succeed in achieving our fitness/optimal health level, we need to tackle physical and mental issues and the same time. Cindy’s energy is infections, and her belief in positive thinking really compliments her classes! – Barbara Tomasella, participant.

More information, including registration and additional testimonials, is available here.


Cindy Segura at https://www.befitclub.ie/

086 331 5519 cindy@befitclub.ie





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